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Dust collection is one of the most exciting new opportunities that PSI are working with. Spanning multiple industrial sectors, the challenges faced within this application are consistent. Industry users struggle with the limitations of a 50 year old design on a daily basis. The existing, industry standard solution based on diaphragm valve technology delivers poor performance, persistent leaks and regular failures.

The poor valve performance results in the filters clogging with product, so there is a need to change filters very regularly, sometimes as often as every 2 to 3 months, making it difficult for maintenance teams to keep up.

The existing valves diaphragm based design means that they often start to leak within a few weeks of installation and when they fail, they fail open. These failures can go for days without being noticed. The impact to the business is a significant over-consumption of air at considerable cost and reduced performance of the remaining operational valves in the system. The design also relies on a small, fixed orifice which due to the contamination of the air flowing through it, clogs easily resulting in sticking, burning and inconsistent air pulses. These issues mean that the valves are typically only rated for approximately 1 million cycles.

PSI and our partner MAC Valves are very pleased to offer a significant and revolutionary engineering advancement in dust collection pulse valves that offers real and tangible benefits to anyone with a baghouse dust collector. This is achieved without any investment in new plant and without any substantial engineering modifications.

The new MAC pulse valve does not use diaphragm technology, which has always been the weakness in other manufacturers pulse valve designs. The MAC Pulse Valves open and close quicker creating a more effective pulse of air. This provides an opportunity to reduce the pulse frequency so energy consumption is reduced, the bags last longer and the overall performance is significantly improved.

The MAC design outperforms every existing pulse valve in the market – by every single quantifiable engineering performance parameter.

We have a number of You Tube Video Case Studies and a recently published case study in Compressed Air Best Practices.

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