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As one of our strategic markets, PSI Technologies excels in the food and beverage industry. We recognise the unique demands of continuous operation with minimal planned maintenance and zero tolerance for unplanned intervention. These demanding requirements are the reason that MAC Valves and PHD are the industry standard products for these applications.

We are honoured to include an extensive list of household names within our customer base, who select us because of the extreme reliability and repeatability of our product portfolio. Whatever you have eaten today is likely to have been touched in some way by our technology. From colour based food sortation through to high speed dispensing and filling. Our products are used extensively throughout the food and beverage ecosystem.

When commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment is just not man enough for your production process, then PSI Technologies can take the lead in solving your issues. We have a number of developments running with major manufactures to reduce waste, improve manufacturing efficiencies and save energy in the food and beverage sector. Some of our solutions have less than 12 weeks ROI which is documented and proven.

Why not contact one of our application specialists to see how our patented CPR™ process can help you drive through positive engineering change.

MAC Valves in the filling industry