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PSI have supported our customers within the hollow glass industry for many years, overcoming the issues present in this inherently arduous environment and becoming recognised as a leading partner to the industry in the UK. Our primary partner in glass, MAC Valves, are the leader in pneumatic solutions developed specifically for glass applications with a broad range of industry specific, standard products and tailor-made solutions.

The solutions developed for the Glass industry are as a direct result of our work with customers in the field, and are in response to requests to resolve their specific issues. In our commitment to support our customers in the glass industry, we hold a stock of glass specific components and are fully qualified and certified for the service and support of MAC Valves product.

The full range of solutions developed for the Glass industry is vast, below you will find a selection of them:

Proportional Pressure valves:

Mac Valves proportional pressure control valves are designed for the plunger control and plunger cooling/counterblow on container forming machines. The Proportional Quick Exhaust (PQE) units are available in several configurations tailored for the requirements of each operation and built to work in the demanding environment of hollow glass manufacture.

The well-known and respected Mac technology brings short, consistent response times and a superior pressure control to each step of the process. For plunger up operation, the Mac Valves’ unique and innovative design is less sensitive to contamination and directs main exhaust air flow exiting through an inbuilt isolation valve. The Mac design provides significant improvement with reliable speed and accuracy of the plunger movement to the loading position in NNPB and from the up position to the counterblow position in BB.

Valve Blocks:

All MAC solenoid valves are fully protected against contamination owing to the MACSOLENOID® and wiping action technology. MAC Valves manufacture their own coils and give a life time warranty on them, all in all making the MAC valve blocks a real asset to your IS machines.

Cartridge Valves:

MAC Cartridge Valves are of the superior MAC design with a balanced poppet, one piece spool, and wiping action resulting in a significantly longer life in the tough environment of a glass manufacturing facility. They also benefit from a robust brass body construction, and deliver the highest flow available on the market at a low minimum operating pressure, interchanging with all major valve block manufacturers.

Blowing Valves:

The unique MAC Valves high temperature 4 way pilot technology and non-sticking design allows fast and reliable high flow blowing, whether final blow, settle blow, counterblow or a cooling application. Delivering improved quality glassware with greater definition in the markings as well as reduced downtime due to planned and unplanned maintenance, they can be either electrically or air remote controlled. Inline or sub base mountings allow easy retrofit on all machines.

High Temperature Sub-base Valves:

The new generation of MAC 4 way pilot solenoid and remote air valves are designed for high temperature applications and heavy duty environments. Dedicated mountings with MAC or ISO bases, Circuitbars® and transition plates allow all combinations for easy retrofit on maintenance and new machine designs. Sandwich flow controls and sandwich pressure controls with mechanical or electronic controls are available for pressing and blowing applications.

Conveyor Valves:

The MAC Valves 4 way, balanced pilot technology and non-sticking design, provide fast and reliable operation on sweeper applications where speed, accuracy and reliability are critical. The complete solutions we provide include controls for dead plate, pocket air and pusher extend speed/force.

Take out Grippers:

The PHD Angular Take Out gripper is designed specifically to take out extremely hot hollow glass containers from the mould and place onto the conveyor.

The design includes a locking ramp which locks the jaws when they are in the fully open position providing anti-wink without the need for pins and linkages. The adjustable opening angle is actuated through a cam slot and roller bearing. This ensures both a smooth closing action and final position cushioning through the cam slot design to prevent bruising to the finish. The life expectancy of more than 10 million cycles reflects the rugged build and quality of this drop-in replacement from PHD.

Pneumatic Pushers:

The PHD Glass pusher slide is specifically designed to handle the high temperature and arduous environment ever present in glass production. The PHD long life design includes rod scrapers special coatings and close tolerances and means these rugged units are more than capable of handling contaminated environmental conditions. The PHD units have a fast retract speed due to special quick exhaust valves and are a drop-in replacement for many machines.

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