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MEM-CO Fittings are a specialist manufacturer of miniature barb fittings for air and fluid applications in science and industry.  Based out of Hampstead in the USA, they have been producing a vast range of fittings in a range of materials since 1963.

If you are looking to reduce cost, save space or cut assembly time then it’s likely that MEM-CO has the fittings to help you achieve your goal.  MEM-CO share PSI’s own mantra that we will supply the right product for your solution. We won’t try to force a standard product where it’s not the right fit.  As such, if you don’t see the exact fitting your application demands they will create what you need.  We will work with you to understand what you need to achieve and agree the right solution. Then MEM-CO will produce OEM samples that can be with you in around a week.

All fittings are readily available in brass with Buna N seals, but stainless steel, nickel plated brass, aluminium and plastic are also available as options.  Seals can be supplied in EPDM, Viton, Silicone and Teflon encapsulated silicone where the application demands it.

MEM-CO fittings save space and labour by combining multiple fittings intro a single assembly.

Conventional Cross Fitting Solution

The conventional approach shown above requires four male barb fittings threaded into a female cross.

The assembly is large and the labour costs become prohibitive when large numbers of fittings are required.  Plus there are four more potential leaks points.

Mem-co Cross Fitting

MEM-CO silver solders joints on all fabricated fittings.  Soft solder joints are never used on MEM-CO products.

The space savings are obvious, there is no need for sealant and the labour associated with assembly is significantly reduced.

MEM-CO makes a huge range of fittings in sizes and configurations that can’t be found anywhere else, including unusual fitting arrangements like the ones below:
Combination Tees

Combination Tees provide 3 barbed branches with male or female pipe thread. Mixed sizes of barbed branches are available.

L Tees

L Tees combine an elbow with a Tee. Mixed sizes of barbed branches are available.

Swivel Tee Elbow

Swivel Tees & Elbows available in branch sizes up to and including # 3 for 1/16″ ID thru 1/8″ ID tubing. Can be rotated 360° in either direction.

Y Fittings

Y Fittings provide a handy alternative to standard Tees.

Male Manifold

1/8 Male Manifolds Hundreds of combinations for the OEM needing a fitting that requires a minimum labor to install.

Inline Manifold

In-line Manifolds a combination of barbed branches neatly orients tubing in-line.

It is typical that the joints on fabricated fittings are silver soldered, soft solder joints are never used. The solder complies with FDA, NSF and medical grades Class VT lead-free, cadmium-free solder. The solder meets the directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and directive 2002/95/EC on the restricted use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (ROHS).

Make the right connections with MEM-CO fittings using the product configurations below:

Fitting Types

Tube-to-tube barb fittings
10-32 Male thread-to-tube
10-32 Female thread-to-tube
1/4-28 Male straight thread-to-tube
1/16 Male pipe thread-to-tube
1/8 Male pipe thread-to-tube
1/4 Male pipe thread-to-tube
3/8 Male pipe thread-to-tube
1/8 Female pipe thread-to-tube
1/4 Female pipe thread-to-tube
Bulkhead fittings
Caps & Plugs
Reducing bushings
Small Metric fittings
M3 x 0.5 series
M5 x 0.8 series
M6 x 1 series

Branch Barb #Tubing IDHole Thru
0453/640.043 (1.09mm)
11/160.055 (1.4mm)
20.078 (2mm)0.059 (1.5mm)
2 1/23/320.081 (2.06mm)
31/80.089 (2.26mm)
3 1/25/32 (4mm)0.104 (2.64mm)
40.1700.125 (3.18mm)
53/160.140 (3.56mm)
5 1/27/320.156 (3.96mm)
61/40.177 (4.5mm)
75/16 (8mm)0.250 (6.35mm)
83/80.290 (7.37mm)
101/20.391 (9.93mm)

No one else will make the specials that MEM-CO makes…..

The capability and speed of response that MEM-CO can deliver is truly second to none when it comes to the creation of custom miniature fittings.  Whether you need a different combination of materials, a variation on a standard product or something completely bespoke, PSI and MEM-CO can deliver.

MEM-CO Special Fittings

Download Links

Find the latest Mem-Co catalogue and product brochures on the Mem-Co website (left menu item Catalogue Downloads) and talk to us about your application or specific requirement.