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The Flexion Gripper

Flexion is a new technology inspired by the ultimate gripper – the human hand.  The flexion of the human finger gives the human hand vast ability.  Add to this strength, and you get the Flexion gripper, built for industrial strength yet with the same human hand adaptability, even to the point of handling more delicate items.  This lies in its unique configurability.

PHD’s Flexion is an innovation in gripping technology; when actuated, Flexion’s multiple joints perform as a human finger to encapsulate a part or grip it by the fingertips.  It has the industrial strength for heavy or awkward lifting or moving applications while also being able to switch to a more delicate touch for more sensitive product handling.  This is all down to adjustment of the operating pressure, allowing for a wide working range of useable force.

Adaptive Design

Flexion’s finger modules flex multiple joints to conform and adapt to various workpieces.  This versatility offers incredible application potential.

Configurable System

Modules can be assembled in radial or parallel hub arrays with one to five fingers in each position.

Huge Scope

Being highly adaptive and configurable, the Flexion suits both industrial and collaborative robots and is now UR+ certified!

Our In-House Expert
Kelly Pearce Women in Engineering

Kelly Pearce

Already have an application in mind?  Let us know the workpiece, robot and what you have in mind on our application assistance form and we’ll be in touch.

Our Flexion expert is Kelly Pearce, connect on LinkedIn


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