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PSI Technologies is an innovative engineering solution provider. We bring our expertise and know-how when working collaboratively with you to identify optimised, engineered solutions to your technical and business challenges.

Focused primarily in the areas of electro-pneumatics and IIoT, we also offer vibration isolation, shock absorption and liquid control expertise.  These broad areas are leveraged  by exceptional in-house electronics and project management capabilities, broad sector knowledge and the ability to work within your industry mandated standards.

Whether you need to resolve an existing production or technical problem, or if we are imagineering a solution for an innovative new product, PSI has the expertise and flexibility to enable you to deliver on your vision.

PSI have a proven ability across multiple industries to help you reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime, save energy, improve productivity and profitability, or enable the development of products that were not previously achievable. To coin a phrase, the possibilities are endless, but we will take the time to understand what is really important to you so we can provide tangible and relevant value through innovation.

PSI are manufacturer authorised distributors of a number of industry leading product lines, handpicked for the innovation, unique proposition and quality they bring. We work with manufacturers who share our collaborative working style and passion for finding new answers to long standing problems and creating new markets through a partnership approach with our customers.  Our key partners are MAC Valves and

Having spent 5 years previously running a company focussed on the supply of low cost pneumatic components, James Devereux realised that something was missing. James wanted to really help his customers in a way that saving a few percent on components could never achieve. He wanted to be able to understand his customers challenges and opportunities and work with them to bring solutions that made a difference to their business either through a reduced cost of ownership or by providing a technical advantage.

Looking around for a supplier that shared the same values, James found MAC Valves and PHD Inc, and with the award of sole distribution rights for the UK, Pneumatic Solutions International Ltd was formed.

Starting out in a small unit in Waterlooville with just 6 employees, the team quickly collated an extensive experience of pneumatic applications across a wide range of industries and grew rapidly in those first few years, acquiring clients that have stayed with the company to this day.  Now with three units on the same site, and rebranded PSI Technologies Limited, the company continues to seek the challenge, in an insatiable desire to create a new and better solution than what may currently be available.