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Innovations in the plastic packaging industry have enabled significant reductions in food waste over recent years, yet the pressure is still on to improve eco-efficiency and sustainability.

The introduction of engineered (layered) packaging materials and the drive towards lighter weight, often resulting in thinner walls, introduce significant complexity to the manufacturing process. With manufacturing demand increasing, unplanned (and even planned) downtime is more costly than ever.

PHD first recognised the challenges that plastic manufacturing companies were facing with downtime related to OEM component failure more than ten years ago and PSI quickly realised the benefit that we would be able offer the Plastics Industry within the UK.

When combined with the inherent speed and reliability benefits offered by MAC Valves product design, we have a broad suite of industry specific solutions designed to operate within the harsh operating conditions associated with the plastics industry. Enabling reduced unplanned and planned downtime, improving product quality and throughput, many are also direct drop in replacements for the OEM parts and are fully field repairable.

We have a full line of solutions covering all areas of the plastics manufacturing plant and welcome the opportunity to work with you on new opportunities to enhance your production whether you are able to leverage our off the shelf plastic industry solutions, or we need to create something new.

We have a vast range of solutions for your specific processes;
  • Blow Nozzle Cylinders and Control Valves
  • Stretch Rod Cylinder Assemblies
  • High Pressure Pilot Valves
  • Needle Cylinders
  • Transfer Arms
  • Mould Control Cylinders
  • Leak Test Cylinders
  • Knock Out Cylinders
  • Removal Cylinders and Grippers
  • Labelling & Slide Knife Actuators
  • Vacuum and Blow Transfer / Take Out
  • Valve Gate Valve
  • Part Eject
  • Preform Stop Assemblies
  • Blow Exhaust Silencers
  • Platen Control
  • Packaging & Palletizing
  • Air Preparation
  • PET Shock Absorbers

We currently have Drop-in replacement solutions, that are fully field maintainable for the following machinery:

* SIG® * Nissei® Husky® Netstal®* Bekum® * AOKI® * Graham® *Unilov® *Sopla ® Jomar®

See our ‘S’ and ‘K’ Style replacement ranges in the catalogues below:

Call us now to discuss your winter maintenance needs 02392 233611.

No other pneumatic solutions provider offers the level of specific industry level support that we do with our product partners.