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Bimba Manufacturing Company is a forward-thinking innovator of actuation, fluid power, and motion control technology. Specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges, Bimba strives to deliver superior customer satisfaction through outstanding service, quality, and value. They offer an extensive range of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators under their Bimba and TRD brands.

PSI Ltd is recognised as a fully authorised, factory supported distributor for Bimba and TRD products and with our deep expertise in the field of pneumatics and industrial automation, PSI Ltd has quickly become the largest Bimba product supplier in the United Kingdom. Since introducing the Original Line more than 50 years ago, Bimba has expanded its breadth and depth far beyond these standard cylinders to include tens of thousands of off-the-shelf and custom solutions. Almost half of all Bimba’s production is now custom product, which positions them excellently with PSI’s project to product approach, identifying real customer need and delivering the optimal solution for it.


Bimba’s range includes pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuator options in roundline, compact, guided, rodless, rotary and heavy-duty designs. Representing excellent value, the range is also very broad with options covering the majority of potential applications.


The Bimba range of grippers included angular designs as an economical solution for most simple material transfer applications and a parallel option for holding objects that need to be manipulated.

Pinch Valves

Under the Acro brand, Bimba brings over 50 years of pinch valve experience. These products are used across a broad range of market segments and applications, especially those such as Medical, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Bioprocessing. Both solenoid and pneumatic versions are available, providing complete assurance of media non-contamination, fast tubing change out, and easy valve replacement, all of which will maximize productivity.