Liquid Bullet Valves®

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Liquid Bullet Valves®

The Liquid Bullet Valve® (LBV) is the latest design innovation from MAC. With fast response times, reliable shifting forces and repeatable results – due to its patented balanced design – the MAC LBV is ideal for applications that demand reliable, low-leak performance.

The LBV performs with both gas and liquid, and is engineered to perform at the highest level throughout its life. The MAC LBV employs D-Flex™ technology to provide an exceptionally tight seal; preventing leakage and saving you product and money. D-Flex™ technology also allows the LBV to last longer and perform stronger in the toughest applications. With fewer wear points than traditional valve technology the LBV is designed to last.

The MAC Advantage™ features:

  • 2-way, 3-way, variable flow, filling and dosing valves
  • Wetted and non wetted (media-separated) solenoids
  • Accurate and repeatable dosing
  • Dual-diaphragm D-Flex™ Technology
  • Reliable operation in extreme environments
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