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With the UK’s new industrial strategy, the Faraday Battery Challenge gathering momentum; and now with the creation of the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (BIC) in Coventry, PSI Technologies is working in conjunction with its suppliers to deliver optimised and unique component integration solutions specifically for the battery production process.   The Faraday Challenge is set to bring together research and development, including supply chain and manufacturing development, for the electrification of vehicles – £246 million over four years – in order to help UK businesses grasp the opportunities presented by this move to a low carbon economy.

Working with our long established component suppliers, we understand that dry rooms must meet or exceed the stringent requirements for lithium ion battery manufacturing and we’re already able to offer a number of products that have been proven to perform at optimum levels while in a dry room production environment.  Many of the products have been thoroughly tested in one of our supplier’s dry room chambers with controlled humidity levels of the ambient and actuated air that match or exceed industry dry room specifications.

We’re the UK sole distributors for some of the top industrial component manufacturers in the world; PHD for slides, cylinders, grippers, rotary actuators, MAC Valves and also FIM Valves, specialists in 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves and one of the largest valve manufacturers in Europe.   PSI bring their innovative engineering mindset and production process expertise to deliver solutions beyond the supply of the component. PSI are geared to identify production process issues, or foresee potential challenges, based on past experience across many industries, including the automotive supply chain where PSI Technologies have worked alongside more traditional battery production companies for many years.

As capacity and scale to produce batteries in the UK is ramped up, PSI and their partners have the product and industry expertise to meet the challenges ahead.

Download our supplier PHD‘s product brochure for Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing and talk to us about our optimised and unique solutions.

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