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MAC Valves is a global manufacturing leader in pneumatic, fluid, and proportional valves, flow control and regulator technology. For more than 50 years, MAC has been a market-leading supplier of innovative technology, establishing a robust portfolio of patents, unique valves and auxiliary component solutions.

PSI are proud to be the exclusive MAC Valves UK and Ireland distributor, a relationship that has been in place for 18 years and founded on our shared passion for understanding and solving real customer challenges rather than trying make a catalogue product fit when it’s not the best solution.

Known in the industry for providing “Valves That Don’t Stick”, MAC is focused on providing industry-specific solutions which are reliable and consistent, and which focus on performance and longevity. As such, all MAC valves come with an 18 month guarantee plus a lifetime coil guarantee.

We offer the complete range from MAC Valves including bespoke solutions for a broad range of industries including material handling, food processing, packaging, welding, glass and plastics, tyre production, automotive, liquid dispensing, sorting and dust collection.

Featured Product – Pulse Valve (PV)®

A slowed down, 2 second look at the effectiveness of just one pulse; supplied courtesy of our MDN partners in India, Fortune Automation

MAC Valves unique “Project to Product” approach makes them the most innovative, customer focused valve manufacturer in the world. Over 80% of the product they manufacture is modified in some way, specific to the customer application. The design, manufacture and test of what you need separates MAC from all of the commercial off the shelf valve suppliers.

Find out more on our product pages:

3-Way Valves – Solenoid valves with 3 ports; inlet, outlet (cylinder) and exhaust. They are generally used to operate spring return cylinders or as pilots for larger diaphragm or piston operated valves.

4-Way Valves – Solenoid valves with 4 ports; inlet, a common exhaust and two cylinder ports, one normally open and the other normally closed. Their common application is to operate double acting cylinders.

MAC Bullet Valve® – An evolution in air valve technology

MAC Liquid Bullet Valve® – Innovative valves which perform with both gas and liquids utilising D-Flex™ technology for an exceptionally tight seal.  Proportional Flow Control Valves, built around the Liquid Bullet Valve for output pressure control.

MAC Pulse Valve® – Developed to replace the current diaphragm style technology for a more robust and reliable valve solution.

MI/0-67® – Latest release with MAConnect, 5 protocols, 3 modules and to IP67 standards