LEARN MORE MAC VALVES Ground breaking new liquid valve technology For high precision, high accuracy and high repeatability delivery of liquids and gas this new technology from MAC Valves changes the game. LEARN MORE OUR SERVICES PSI Technologies
are making tracks in Rail
As a one of our strategic industries, we have a wealth of experience and solutions to share.
Pulse valves are one of the most exciting new solutions we have Save money, reduce maintenance and increase output of any process that includes dust collection equipment. LEARN MORE WHY MAC Plug your assets into your business We provide Industrial Grade IoT devices purpose-built to get actionable data from your assets into your business systems for the lowest cost possible. Remote assets and retro fits are our speciality. LEARN MORE OUR PORTFOLIO

Innovative & Tailored Engineering Solutions

PSI Technologies is an innovation led, engineering solution provider. We work in collaboration with our customers to innovate, resolve technical challenges and enhance opportunities with a goal to bring tangible benefit to their business.

We are extremely proud to work with some of the UK's biggest brands...

Learn how we work with our partners to deliver innovation to our customers

PSI Technologies has built an impressive portfolio of technology partners who believe, as we do, in a collaborative approach to engineering design so that we can bring the right solution to our customers’ challenge.
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