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The Print Industry has been through a significant amount of change over recent years. With an extended period of market revenue decline due to digital substitution, where the industry has had to cope with the impact of electronic media and technological changes. Ebooks, digital magazines, online news outlets and apps have all cut into the traditional revenue sources.

There are also ongoing sustainability challenges with 40% of tree harvesting attributed to paper, high VOC petroleum based inks and paper bleaching all contributing to the pressure. To counter, the industry has had to innovate and introduce new technologies, from changing inks and using recycled paper to the introduction of digital printing processes.

Despite these challenges and their associated changes, the BPiFs’ Priorities for Print 2017-2020 have returned to focussing on productivity, profitability and promotion, after a decade of dealing with external pressures.

This focus on productivity and profitability is where PSI can help. With MAC Valves we have developed a number of industry specific solutions covering both pneumatic and liquid control applications that increase machine uptime, improve quality and consistency and reduce waste.

We understand the unique environment that Printing Industry presents, be it special seals in Kalres™ to deal with MEK or designing highly accurate and repeatable easy to clean solenoid valves for ink handling.

Whether you are doing news print, inkjet, product coding, print and apply, or specialist multicolour UV, we have a range of solutions specifically created for your sector. You can be certain that PSI can help improve your production.

Case Study 1: Spray Dampening Use Case, utilising the MAC Bullet Valve.