Train Interior Doors

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From vestibule and gangway doors through to Universal Accessible Toilets (UATs), the PSI Technologies engineering team has the experience and expertise in these control systems to give your fleet years of repeatable and reliable operation. We regularly support obsolescence management on both the pneumatic and the electrical components of the door systems, so our robust engineering change process is key to what we do.

We have solutions for simple push button control or more complex Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor triggered systems, all with the requisite group standards respected for obstacle detection and finger trap. Our solution for the Class 16X exterior doors consists of a complete and fully tested control system with replacement door cylinders to completely overhaul the door control. The primary features of this solution are:

  • EN50155 Certified Door Control System
  • RIA 12 Potted Door Controller
  • 10 Year Warranty on EP Valves
  • 1 Million Cycle Warranty on Door Cylinder
  • Own 24 VDC Certified power supply
  • Common Diagnostic Equipment with External Doors
  • Error Reporting
  • Door Cycle count
  • Replacement Diffused Reflection Interior Sensors (Back-ground suppressed) Rail Approved.
  • EAO Push button assemblies.
Class 166 Internal Door Control Module

With multiple solutions approved and installed across the network, not only do we design the replacement control system but we are often required to produce bespoke test equipment to cycle and verify the solution.

Class 458 Door Control Module Front
Class 458 Door Control Module Front
Class 458 Door Control Module Open
Class 458 Door Control Module Open
Interior Door Test Panel
Interior Door Test Panel
Class 170 Door Control Module
Class 170 Door Control Module

Our extensive experience has gained through the development of solutions for the following fleets : Class 185, Class 165, Class 166, Class 365, Class 465, Class 156, Class 170 and MK111.

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