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PSI Technologies has an extensive capability for overhaul and repair. From a simple valve refurbishment to the complete overhaul of a complex system we have the facility and skills to support it.

We have a dedicated Rail Industry overhaul facility which supports the refurbishment and repair of a number of rail specific systems including door control systems, toilets, pneumatic cylinders and rail approved valves.

The Plastics industry also benefits from our capability as we can overhaul the PHD and MAC solutions for many applications such as Stretch Rod Assemblies.

Many of our product lines are able to be overhauled and we carry a large inventory of spares so we are able to provide the opportunity to extend the life of many component parts through cost effective overhaul and repair.

We will provide early advice as to whether an overhaul is likely to be economically viable, and we will quote before any work is carried out or when unexpected costs are identified.

All components are repaired and refurbished in line with manufacturer guidelines by trained technicians and tested before they are approved for shipment back to you, so you can rest assured that an overhauled item will be as good or better than when it was originally purchased.