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PSI have worked closely with MAC Valves for 20 years, to lead the UK market for pneumatic valves where applications require high speed, repeatability and long life.  It is MAC’s persistent innovation that keeps the company at the leading edge of valve technology; the latest development being the Dual Diaphragm Bullet Valve® which is small, versatile and easily customizable.

The most exciting outcome from this new development is that the dual diaphragm design gives us a solution with near zero leakage and allows us to bring all of the benefits of the MAC Valve design to a huge range of applications in the liquid and non-combustible gas markets.

The advantages that the patented MAC solution can bring to your applications include:

  • Reliable operation in extreme conditions
  • Fast response
  • Accurate and repeatable dosing
  • Quiet operation
  • Non-wetted solenoid
  • High flow in a small footprint
  • Tight seals – low leak
Liquid Bullet Valve®

Applications that require a specific fluid based mixture to ensure product quality or that are dispensing high value liquids will benefit most from this exciting new innovation. For instance, beverage, liquid medicine, perfume, saline dispensing and medical devices for oxygen concentration and massage therapy have all benefited from the capabilities of the MAC Liquid Valve®, to include very low leak rates.

Micro Dosing

If you are building machines whose primary purpose is to provide liquid filling or microdosing, and you wish to do this more accurately and reliably, give us a call for a free consultation to see if we can help you – either by providing samples, working together on prototypes or customised solutions, or even new machine specifications that incorporate this technology.

Videos and Case Studies

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