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At PSI Technologies we continue to innovate. We’ve leveraged the latest Industrial IoT technology with a view to delivering a clear, ‘end to end’ solution for our industrial and facilities management clients. Our pursuit for wirelessly connected devices and a cloud based back end platform led us to partner with; an innovative tech company who aligned perfectly with our own company ethos.

What is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

Industrial grade IoT sensors placed in industrial building assets, spaces and other remote field assets deliver real time data through a dashboard style website application.

We get data from things or sensors that monitor:

  • Critical assets – Things that are critical to operation or production
  • Remote assets – Things that are difficult to access
  • Exposed assets – Things that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions
  • Unconnected assets – Things that are not connected to a central control system
  • Legacy – Things that are old or positioned in an old structure
  • Disparate – Things that are scattered over a wide geographical area

What allows us to stand out from the crowd is the combination of a turnkey managed service with proven ROI and our provision of 128-bit encrypted infrastructure; ensuring total data security. Clear dashboard indicators are also enhanced using 3D technology.  Asset management has never been so exciting.

Typically, clients are looking for solutions to four problems:

  • How do I save costs by removing repetitive maintenance tasks?
  • How can I save downtime (and costs) by improving breakdown response time?
  • How can I identify abnormal usage and activities within my building (and therefore save costs)?
  • How can I monitor assets, critical or otherwise, in hard to reach, remote places?

Find out how: