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PSI Technologies are a specialist supplier to the UK rail industry. We have completed hundreds of successful projects with Overground rolling stock as well as London Underground. We are experts in train air and vacuum systems, from external passenger doors through to vacuum toilets, having built a breadth and depth of knowledge over nearly two decades.

We understand the UK rail industry’s need to modernise. While there has been constant pressure to improve the Miles per Technical Incident (MTIN) on legacy and new build platforms (following the fundamental shift away from costly time and mileage based maintenance programs), the recent adoption of Miles Per 701D (Mp701D) is yet to prove a significant improvement.  PSI are constantly looking at ways of implementing proven technologies into this most demanding of applications. We are currently leading the way on Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) for legacy door systems.

From multi-million pound, turn key, complete door systems incorporating the latest RCM technologies, through to simple pneumatic equipment servicing. PSI Technologies have the structure, approvals and knowledge to implement engineering change and deliver engineering improvement.

We design, build and test to all the relevant group standards. Our engineering team are experts in the fulfilment of complex engineering solutions, with safety and compliance being the foundation from which they start. From EN50155 to specialist EMC RIA 12 or LUL fire certification, multiple stakeholder projects are where we excel.

Find out more about our own rail solutions, to include specialist test rigs, and our work as the original solution provider for oil carry over systems.  PSI Technologies have continued to innovate within this space, branching into rail digital transformation through sister company Transportise Limited.