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Our capability expands with every project we complete. We learn from our customers. From medical and food to rail and defense, our collaborative and inclusive methodology provides robust results time after time.

Last year PSI Technologies designed, built, tested and supplied a complete subsea control system in to the Oil and Gas industry, an area outside our core capability…. or so we thought. By understanding our customers’ need and in-depth scrutiny of our own resource and knowledge base, we worked together with our customer to provide a ‘right first time’ control system, which to this day is happily protecting the marine environment at negative 5 bar(g) in the Baltic Sea.

Our methodology is tried and tested but also flexible. We have a continuous improvement framework here at PSI Technologies which allows for injection of industry specific criteria such as bespoke Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) or environmental considerations into any part of our process. From concept scope through to certification and approval the engineering team here at PSI Technologies are willing, able and capable of rising to the challenge.