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PSI are proud to have been sole MAC Distributors for the UK and a MDN member since we began. Our membership of this exclusive group of international distributors allows us to rapidly share and receive knowledge and expertise across industry sectors to further benefit you and the solutions that we can offer.

What is the MDN?

MDN is an abbreviation of MAC Distributors Network. It’s a coordinated global network with more than 30 years in the market, organized to serve our customers in terms of technical support and sales. It is made up of two of our premier component suppliers (MAC Valves, Inc. & PHD, Inc.) and multiple global distributors, which are independent yet interdependent and benefit from highly trained staff certified by both manufacturers.

The MDN model offers to our customers local benefits such as specialized technical support, customer service and inventory.

How does MDN benefit me?

MDN partners work together to deliver the highest performance solutions to our customers wherever they are.

  • Specialists certified by manufacturers
  • Solution proposals and technical support to solve a broad range of potential applications
  • Industry leading technology
  • Local inventory to support market demand

MDN partners work together to give you the edge around the clock, around the world.