PSI Company Values


We take ownership, internally and externally. We operate with integrity We will deliver what we say, and if things do go wrong we will work with the right stakeholders to resolve quickly.

Project to Product

We work with our customers and their challenges to create the most optimised solution for them, then we manufacture in volume. We won’t try to force a standard product into an application if it’s not right.

Market Leading Technology

We handpick our suppliers based on their market leading expertise, and the technical advantages they can deliver, as well as their collaborative approach to creating solutions that work in the specific challenging environments of our customers.


We bring a solution oriented approach, always looking for answers to problems and ways to create results that deliver tangible benefit to our customers.


We are experts in our field, and we strive to grow our expertise in the industries and applicatons of our customers. We will work to understand our customers. We will work to undertand our customers’ business as well as their technology.


Collaboration is ingrained in what we do. We relish the opportunity to work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to develop the best possible solutions that fit our customers’ specific requirements.


We are flexible, energetic and agile. We respond quickly and can scale to customer demand.