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While PSI has a number of core industries in which we have specialist knowledge, in truth, we are problem solvers. We relish a challenge and opportunities to work in new areas. Often, we find that experience and solutions can be leveraged across industries, and it is this lateral thinking and passion to solve problems coupled with our engineering capability that sets us apart.

Knowledge transfer throughout our company enables rapid deployment of new technologies to different industries. For instance, our knowledge of high speed food sorting was leveraged to enable Paintball guns to fire more than 40 balls per second. This is a great example of how PSI were able to rapidly develop a bespoke customer solution without “re-inventing the wheel” by using our experience in one industry to benefit another.

An import point to re-enforce here is that we take client IP extremely seriously. We never engage without a bi-lateral NDA, we respect confidentiality at all levels throughout the PSI organisation.

We have worked with some very interesting and challenging industries and applications over the years, from subsea bubble curtains for environmental protection to carpet and textile manufacture and IoT applications for smart facilities management.