Rail EP Valve Solutions

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In conjunction with MAC Valves, PSI Technologies have developed a number of replacement and bespoke Electro-Pneumatic (EP) and mechanical valve solutions for the UK Overground and Underground network. MAC’s patented ‘No Stick’ valve design is immune to vehicle pressure variation, so the control valves react exactly the same way at 2 bar as they do at 10 bar giving consistent reliable operation. MAC rail valves are best in class for this arduous and demanding environment. MAC have been manufacturing group standard compliant rail valves for over 40 years.

Control Bypass and Door Isolation

These lever operated valves allow rail staff to override the door in the event of an emergency. With over 8000 of these assemblies installed and running trouble free on the network, they are the main door safety valves for a number of fleets.

Bypass Valve Assembly
Door Isolation Valve Assembly


This highly demanding and unique application is really where the our industry knowledge and MAC technology is showcased. Due to the very specific exhaust flow and reaction time required by this application, MAC Valves was the only choice. Developed as a direct replacement for the GE MV series of contactor valves the MAC 200 series offers highly repeatable operation in the most demanding of applications.

MAC Valve 200 Series Contactor Assembly

In partnership with Alstom Engineering, PSI Technologies have recently completed fleet fits to Northern and Jubilee lines on the Underground as well as a number of over ground fleets.

Train Horn Assemblies

The good old fashioned two tone is a mainstay of any train-spotters day. PSI Technologies have developed a two tone horn control system allowing for maximum effectiveness on track whilst protecting the engineers hearing in the shed.

Train Horn Manifold Front
Train Horn Manifold Side

Sanding Valves

One of the nastiest locations underframe and one of the most important jobs. Sander control valves require all the innovation we can apply to ensure they work repeatability and reliably. No sand = no movement! The MAC 52 and 36 series are used worldwide on this application.

Train Sander Valve

Coupler Control Valves

MAC Valves are fitted as standard by the worlds leading coupler manufacturers for a reason. Either solenoid or mechanical the MAC 800 series is the industry standard for this critical application.

800 Series MAC Valve

Windscreen Wiper Control Valves

Faced with obsolesce and a weak original design, PSI Technologies were contracted to redesign and supply windscreen wiper control valves for some legacy UK fleets. Our new solution incorporates the latest seal technology as well as an “oversize” shaft to eliminate a known failure mode on the current assembly.

Wiper Control Valve
Wiper Control Valve 3D

Gearbox Control

A solution available from TDS (Train Door Solutions) uses the latest MAC Valve technology from PSI Technologies to give reliable and repeatable operation of gearboxes on legacy DMU’s.

Gearbox Control Manifold
TDS Class 15X Gearbox Module Brochure
Oil Carryover Systems for Trains
Valves That Don’t Stick