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We understand how dynamic the automotive industry is and the extreme flexibility required from automotive manufacturers. User expectations and disruption in the market from new non-traditional players like Tesla heighten the need for innovation.

We see that automotive manufacturers are having to expand their core competencies into new areas like mobile production capabilities, autonomous vehicles, battery and electric motor technologies and software driven user interfaces incorporating augmented reality.

The incredible pace of development and growing demand for model diversity means adaptability of solutions along with smart production capability and flexible logistics are essential. PSI Technologies’ links with world class component manufactures such as MAC Valves, PHD, Enidine, ContiTech, Bimba, Vaccon and Murrelektronik who are all prevalent in the automotive industry along with our internal engineering capability uniquely position us to offer you significant benefits.

With our full line of components including control valves, cylinders, escapements, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, air bags, shock and vibration absorption, air preparation, vacuum and electrical control which can be combined or used individually, we can provide the solution your application requires.

Too often, we find that because existing solutions are developed using components from one of the general, “All Products” pneumatics manufacturers, the durability or maintainability required by modern automotive applications is rarely realised. Our commitment to working alongside our customers in the field have led to many solutions that have been developed specifically to meet a customer requirement, resulting in significant improvements in performance and reliability with longer periods between maintenance windows.  Read our case study on a Pneumatic Clamping Gripper solution developed in this way.

Our experience extends beyond the remit of automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers as we also have solutions for transportation, agricultural and motorsport applications covering areas such as air suspension, bus doors, 3rd axle, gear shift, turbo control, drag reduction and launch control.