Transportation Case Shock Absorption

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Our customer manufactures specialist storage cases used for the transportation of mission critical sensitive telecommunications, surveillance and computer equipment on all forms of military and public transportation vehicles. They were looking to extend the capability of their product range by expanding the boundaries of shock and vibration which they catered for. To support this goal, they required a solution to isolate the shock and vibration from transportation across demanding, rugged terrain and mishandling while also reducing the weight of the cases and retaining strength and rigidity.


The customers’ initial enquiry focussed on a cost effective vibration control solution which we specified from our range of ContiTech rubber vibration control mounts. Taking into consideration the size, weight, adaption and vibration frequency parameters this solution was ideal for a series of lighter use case applications.

This initial success lead to a discussion regarding some more demanding applications where the aluminium case frames had reached their maximum load and subsequently steel units had to be manufactured which added significant weight and cost.

To ensure a correct specification, we worked with the customer to identify the case dimensions, weight and terrain frequencies that the product could be subjected to. We identified that the optimal solution for this application would be the use of a series of light weight, wire rope isolators from our Enidine range. Considering the range of static load, maximum deflection, stiffness and vibration parameters, the isolators were calculated to be able to eliminate the vibrational frequencies acting on the sensitive electronics for each size of case and payload.

To prove the theory, the cases were submitted for testing by an independent, accredited laboratory against all relevant safety, quality and performance standards which they passed successfully.


The Enidine compact wire rope isolators specified, provide simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation and an all metal construction which gives the best multi-axis isolation in a small package. The devices are maintenance free, highly resistant to oil, ozone, abrasives and chemicals and available in a number of sizes and variations which allowed for broad coverage of protected device mass within the cases.


The solution that PSI put forward, provided a significant benefit to our customer as it delivered a small, light weight solution for both shock and vibration isolation. This enabled a reduction in the overall weight of the case while retaining rigidity by using an aluminium frame instead of the heavier steel alternative. The lower weight results in a lower shipping cost and the ability to ship more within the limitations of a maximum payload.

The flexibility offered by the wire rope isolation solution allows great variety of mounting options and load configuration with improved vibration and shock protection for sensitive equipment, each independently configurable to the payload. The all metal construction of the isolators also provides consistent performance across temperatures from -100⁰ to 260⁰ and in the most arduous of environments.

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