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PSI Technologies extensive engagement with the rail industry and the innovative solutions that we deploy often means that new tests need to be defined to ensure product built is fit for purpose prior to installation. We also find applications where labour intensive, manual test procedures are being performed. Automated testing solutions bring quicker tests, with less errors and significant labour reductions. As a result, our engineering department have designed and delivered a number of specialist test rigs into the UK rail industry.

Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) Panel Test System

With EBD PCB’s coming to the end of service life one of our customers needed a complete mobile brake distribution test rig to ensure that they could test and verify the PCB’s used on the fleet.

PSI Technologies constructed a full pneumatic brake distribution control system using vehicle components to allow for a fully simulated brake application.

Brake Reservoir analogue leak detection system.

Working directly for one the VAB houses PSI Technologies designed and built a specialist brake reservoir test system for one of their customers. The internal control of the cabinet was required to be hard piped with copper and soldered joints to limit the possibility of and internal leak paths. The 200mm analogue gauges were calibrated and arranged to make the final res test as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Calibrated test panel
Calibrated test panel
Calibrated test panel internal
Calibrated test panel internal
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