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Most people these days own a digital camera, whether it’s on their phone or a more complex SLR. When you press the button to take a picture on either of these devices, it will take around 20 milliseconds to take the image (20 thousandths of 1 second). Humans can only react to visual stimulation at a rate of 200 milliseconds (1/5th of a second), so most people think this is pretty quick (perhaps even instantaneous) operation. However, within this 20 millisecond window MAC Valve technology can sort 20 pieces of rice or change gear on a sports car 4 times. When we talk about high speed, this is really what we mean.

The speed is only half the solution though. Outright speed isn’t much use if it can’t be repeated.

Repeatability is the true key to an optimized solution. If the speed of operation varies then quality, accuracy, yield and results are affected. MAC valves produce high speed products which have a variation of less than 0.5 milliseconds (500 microseconds) over 100 million operations. This is the most repeatable, accurate technology available today.

There are many industry sectors that require repeatable, high speed valve operation including dispensing, sorting, textile manufacture and surface mount machinery to name a few.

MAC Valves is the leading manufacturer of high speed valve technology in the world. Through their constant end user interaction and pioneering technical development, MAC and PSI have helped many companies enjoy the benefit of more accurate valve technology. Whether it has reduced the quantity of re-sort required or improved the response and accuracy of a hot melt glue dispenser, regardless of the differences in application, the benefits of low cost of ownership and accurate operation are shared.

All of these applications require high repeatability, but what is it that causes a system to be erratic? Some will argue that it may be the programming, actuators or the electronics, the truth is, in most cases it’s down to the air valve. Many people would view the air valve at the heart of their system to be a commodity item, and if it’s not a MAC valve then they would be right. MAC valves are made differently.

Surface Mount Machine air fluctuation is a major problem in all applications. The change in air pressure changes the force to the valve. If the pressure drops, there is less force acting upon the unbalanced poppet and therefore it will take longer to unseat. If the pressure bounces back and forth, then so does the response time of the valve. Hence, no repeatability. Your welding will not achieve the correct pressure, your sorting will not sort the correct part, and your pick and place will crash. Repeatability is a must.

If your application requires repeatability, consistent response time, high speed; which most do, then a Mac Valve is your solution.

Through their development of balanced poppet and low resistance coil technologies, MAC Valves have produced the most repeatable, high speed valves in the industry. The latest technologies are capable of achieving operation at 2000Hz. Contact us about our demonstrations that show not only how a MAC Valve functions, but also how the valves that you are currently using operate. We can also show you direct comparisons of your current valve against the MAC Valve alternative, in operation, using our Travelling Lab Demonstration cases.