Oil Carryover Systems for Trains

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GOT WATER OR OIL IN YOUR VEHICLE AIR SYSTEM? Do your air supply pipes look like this inside?

Oil deposits in pipework due to oil carryover
Oil deposits in pipework due to oil carryover
Oil deposits in pipework due to oil carryover

We have the solution.

As the original designers of this system our innovation is often imitated. We have over 20 years of oil carryover experience on the UK rail network, with more systems installed than any other manufacturer. We have a real expertise in train air systems, we don’t try to apply standard industrial products to solve this problem. Our highly engineered solutions are providing oil free operation for 1000’s of vehicles world wide, ensuring that down steam sub-systems get the best possible air quality given the vehicle constraints.

Oil Carryover Filter Pack
Oil Carryover Panel
Oil Carryover Control

Our product and installation partner Tidy Hydraulics have worked with us over the past 15 years to provide installation and connectivity solutions for a number of UK fleets.

PSI Technologies have designed and installed solutions for the following UK fleets:

Class 315, Class 317, Class 144, Class 156, Class 155, Class 158 and Class 455, with design solutions for many other legacy fleets too.

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Rail EP Valve Solutions