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Compact Automation Products are a specialist manufacturer of small, powerful and field repairable actuation products. Part of the ITT family, they are backed up by an organisation focused on the manufacture of highly engineered, critical components and customized technology.

Covering linear and rotary actuators, grippers, slides and multi-motion solutions, as well as hydraulic cylinders. They have a complete offering which is further enhanced by their ability to create custom product. Compact Automation Products share PSI’s passion for creating the right solution for our customers using the right products.

To this end we can supply from the Compact Automation Products range – Hydraulic Cylinders for linear motion and force. Air Cylinders for pneumatic linear reciprocating motion. Linear Actuators that can use different mediums to achieve straight line motion control.  With bore sizes from 8mm to 8 inches and forces up to 5,000 pounds, these small but powerful products are some of the easiest to repair in the field. We also specialize in customizing and modifying standard cylinder designs to fit your specific application requirements.
For over 25 years, Compact Automation Products have focussed on customer service and support, on time delivery and lean manufacturing which allows them to provide you with the highest quality products and services, on time, every time.

Linear Products

The linear product line consists of a vast range of actuators in round, square and rectangular formats.  Supplied in Metric and Inch variants with stainless and composite material options.  The line also consists of application specific actuators covering clean room installations and shaker systems and a range of accessories, including sensors and rod end couplers.

Round Cylinder
Square Cylinder
Clean Act Cylinder

Rotary Products

The rotary product line delivers a broad spectrum of rotary solutions, covering more than simple rotary actuation.  The base rotary actuators consist of a single moving part which provides reliability and maintainability as well as high performance in a compact package.  The rotary actuators are spread across two lines with 56 base models covering torque outputs from 1Nm to 587Nm and 90 degrees to 290 degrees of rotation.  There is also a variant with a uni-direction clutch, an OEM series for low cost performance and multi-motion solutions combining rotary and linear movement.  In addition, there is a range of heavy duty, doubale acting ball valves and a hydraulic rotary actuator with 500psi and 3000psi variants producing up to 325Nm of torque through a quarter turn.

Brute Rotary Actuator
Turn Act Rotary Actuator
Multi-act Cylinder
Stainless Rotary

Workholding Products

As you might reasonably expect, the workholding product line contains both angular motion grippers and parallel grippers for use in many general automation applications.  The range also includes some more specialist solutions as well.  Collect Closers used commonly in the metal working industry, seen typically on bar feed solutions, they deliver high accuracy and high output gripping of tools and work pieces.  Twist Cylinders provide rotary clamping of work pieces in automated and semi-automated applications. A series of 24 Compact Intensifiers which use air pressure to deliver a higher pressure hydraulic output.

A recent addition to the workholding range is the new Magnetic Gripper which is great for picking up ferromagnetic materials such as iron or steel in applications where other types of grippers and vacuum cups are currently being utilized.  Four models deliver grip forces from 20 to 130 lbs. They new provide safe operation as the gripper will continue to hold the workpiece even with the loss of pneumatic pressure. Ideal for pick-and-place type systems or applications such as robotic end-of-arm tooling, conveyors, feeders, separators or where any precise positioning of goods or materials is required in the automation process.

Magnetic Gripper
Twist Cylinder
Parallel Gripper


The slides product group includes a range of bush guided cylinders and ball bearing slides for applications where the cylinder is required to guide and support its own load.  These products leverage many of the same space saving designs as the standard cylinder range, delivering a compact package with a high load capacity and long life.

BSC Slides
Ball Slide
CD Series Slide

Other Products and Specials

Its is in this category that Compact Automation Products really excels.  Their engineering capability is as extensive as it is quick to respond.  It has produced countless application specific solutions to deliver measurable benefit to their customers globally.  These special products include:

  • The use of low friction materials for extended life and efficiency
  • Low pressure hydraulic cylinders
  • Custom cylinder frames and hollow rods for service provision
  • Oversized rods and special bushings for heavy offset loads
  • Plastic body cylinders for washdown applications
  • Custom guided cylinders for high-speed conveyor sorting applications requiring 6 msec cycle times with high moment loads
  • Air actuated hand tools for factory automation applications
  • Custom slides for high speed and extreme impact load applications
  • Custom cylinders for clamp and press applications, including hollow rods to accept tooling
BSC Special
Composite Parallel Gripper
Composite Cylinder
Shaker Cylinder

The Compact Automation Products range is vast and flexible, and their service for special product is second to none.  If you would like to find out more about the range, or have an application that you think we may be able to help with, please feel free to contact us….