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Pulse Valves®

The MAC patented Bonded Spool Pulse Valve series was developed to replace current diaphragm style technology and create a more robust and reliable valve solution in industrial applications such as reverse jet bag houses and dust collectors, pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling.

Reliability Benefits:

Up to 10 x greater lifecycle than a diaphragm
Leak elimination
Minimised unscheduled downtime

Performance benefits:

Pulse Valve helps reduce carbon footprintPulse frequency reduction, resulting in substantial energy savings and extended filter life and a payback as short as 6 months.

There are one of two pilot configurations to choose from:

  1. The Integral Solenoid pilot combines fast, repeatable pulses with the addition of a Manual Operator.
  2. The Remote Bleed version to improve performance and reliability in hazardous locations.

The main body of the MAC Pulse Valve uses bonded spool technology for superior reliability that takes it beyond existing diaphragm technology.

A checked accumulator and a main spool with memory spring are used to ensure a shift back to the home position; for when air supply may not be adequate.

A line of adapter plates has also been released to replace existing diaphragm pulse valves with a direct drop-in, without disturbing existing plumbing.

The Pulse Valve ® series is outlined in the table below and you can download brochures for each, to include the PV12, from the MAC Pulse Valve ® page.

SeriesFlow (CV - Max)Port SizeConfiguration
PV03243/4", 1"Individual Inline
PV0653.253.2Individual Inline
PV091002" - 21/2"Individual Inline

Find out more with our coverage in Compressed Air Best Practices (below) and short videos on ROI on our dust collection page.

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