Volumetric Pumps

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Volumetric Pump Actuators

Volumetric Pumps, used for measuring precise volumes of viscous liquids and lubricants, are widely seen across the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) processing sector (hygiene products, detergents, condiments and other viscous foods) in addition to medical, pharmaceutical and specialist applications such as Plastisol. A volumetric pump fills on a precise volume regardless of pressure, flow and time

Every application is unique and these volumetric pump actuators can now be produced in a wide variety of materials to match the environment, such as stainless steel, PET, PEEK, Ertalyte (FDA-approved plastic), aluminium, and nickel-plated aluminium.

To further provide a solution to meet your needs, there are designs for a wide range of volumes (from a few mL up to 1L).

Other options include:
• Match seal materials as needed
• Stroke/volume adjustments
• Quick change interfaces

This video produced this year by our partner PHD, demonstrates how easy it is to use the PHD Quick Change Pump. A volumetric pump fills based on a precise volume regardless of pressure, flow, and time.

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