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There is a massive industrial transformation underway as we move towards the realisation of Industry 4.0. With it comes a raft of new technology, but one of the most striking and obvious to those working in their vicinity is the rise of collaborative robots (cobots). One of the most widely recognised being the Universal Robots URx range.

These cobots primarily collaborate with human operators to assist in the fulfilment of repetitive tasks where it’s not possible, or preferred, to fully automate.

Part of the success of these robots is the simplicity of programming, where traditional industrial robots require detailed programming knowledge, cobots use graphical user interfaces, ‘teach modes’ and smartphone apps.

The collaborative robot itself is not the whole solution though. To do work, you also need an appropriate end effector. There are many options of end effector, and the type will often be determined by the application, but it’s important to make sure that whichever solution is selected can be integrated as easily as the cobot itself can be programmed.

To support this requirement, Bimba | Vaccon have developed the Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool (CRVT). This new device adds unparalleled flexibility to your collaborative robot. The standard CRVT is highly configurable to meet your application needs, but simple to install and operate. This fully integrated tool means all you need to supply is compressed air and a signal to control the valve. A variety of standard and custom options make the CRVT the perfect tool for your next collaborative robot project.

The Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool is basically a plug and play device, just add air. It also benefits from the following features:

  • Mounting plate is designed for specific robot brand
  • Adjustable vacuum switch for part detection
  • Preinstalled muffler for quiet operation
  • Integrated valve simplifies installation
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Options for semi-porous and non-porous applications
  • Custom options available from the factory
Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool
Vaccon CRVT Features

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