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PSI intentionally chooses not to limit ourselves to specific industries, and over the years our customers have come from a vast array of backgrounds. We have provided valuable solutions and services to some very challenging applications from rail toilets and deep-sea bubble curtains to rice sorting and drinks dispensing.

In truth, we consider ourselves to be problem solvers. We work closely with our customers to really understand their requirements, whatever their industry, and apply solid engineering principles and innovative thought to deliver solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce cost of ownership or provide technical advantage.

Our solutions often contain value add assemblies, engineered components, or modified products. In some cases, working with our manufacturers, our customers needs have led to the development of completely new products.

Whatever your industry or challenge, PSI has the expertise to support you in the development of a solution that fits for you.


We understand how dynamic the automotive industry is and the extreme flexibility required from automotive manufacturers. User expectations and disruption in the market from new …



PSI Technologies are a specialist supplier into the UK rail industry. We have completed hundreds of successful projects with overground rolling stock as well as London Underground.


PSI Technologies have extensive knowledge in the rapid development of unique solutions into the medical device manufacturing market. From simple gas change over panels through to…

Dust Collection

Dust collection is one of the most exciting new opportunities that PSI are working with. Spanning multiple industrial sectors, the challenges faced within this application are consistent.

Liquid & Gas

PSI have worked closely with MAC Valves, for years, to lead the UK market for pneumatic valves where applications require high speed, repeatability and long life. MAC’s persistent innovation…

High Speed

Most people these days own a digital camera, whether it’s on their phone or a more complex SLR. When you press the button to take a picture on either of these devices, will take around…


PSI have for a number of years, supported our customers within the hollow glass industry to overcome the issues present in this inherently arduous environment and we are recognised as a…


Innovations in the plastic packaging industry have enabled significant reductions in food waste over recent years, yet with plastic production set to triple over the next forty years…

Packaging & Print

The Print Industry has been through a significant amount of change over recent years. With an extended period of market revenue decline due to digital substitution, where the industry…

Food & Beverage

As one of our strategic markets, PSI Technologies excels in the food and beverage industry. We recognise the unique demands of continuous operation with minimal planned maintenance…

Primary Metals

PSI have worked for many years with customers in the primary metal processing and manufacturing industry. Whether it be steel, aluminium or other metals, the application calls for…

Other Industries

While PSI has a number of core industries in which we have specialist knowledge, in truth, we are problem solvers. We relish a challenge and opportunities to work in new areas. Often…