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The administration of an IoT platform has never been easier; your sensors, network and data all connect ‘out of the box’ in minutes. Zero IT knowledge is required.  It’s your data and you can choose how you want to use it; we help by providing some simple options.

Network as a Managed Service

The platform is set up as a managed service, providing you with next Level IoT network connectivity.

  • Fully encrypted “black box” dedicated IoT network points providing full security
  • There is no dependency or requirement to “connect to” or “connect through” onsite LAN or WiFi
  • Global specification; this means you can automatically connect out of the box to more than 600 Mobile Networks in more than 200 countries
  • Dual redundant Mobile Network connectivity with dynamic hot swap return network path
  • IP65 rating for indoor sites and buildings
  • IP67 rating for outdoor wide area deployments
  • Powered by 240/220/24V/12V or Solar, depending on location
  • Satellite (GNSS) positioning and geo-position base station
  • 24 hour internal battery back
  • 5 day “exo” battery pack in Solar install configuration
  • 500 metre network range in urban (dense building) environments
  • 5 kilometre network range in outdoor (line of sight) environments

Tell us where in the world you require data from the field and we will drop ship a network into that location – it’s that simple.  All of this is included at no additional cost as part of your device subscription.

Point and click IoT Network Administration

Ultra simple IoT Network setup

  • Mobile and Desktop commissioning of your sensors/devices
  • Automated aggregation of IoT sensor data
  • Geo positioning of network points
  • Real time network health status with alarms for Battery and Signal loss
  • Real time reporting of device measurement readings
  • Real time history reporting for up to 12 months of readings
  • Customisable threshold profiles
  • Configurable Email and SMS alerts

IoT Data for use in any data lake

It’s your data, and you can use it any way you want.

To help you with this we provide a variety of ways for you to route data into the Analytics or Work Management Applications of your choice:

  • Secure Public APIs to access IoT device status and history of all measured variables
  • RESTful Webservices
  • MQTT

We also provide standard MQTT connectors to major Cloud environments:

  • AWS IoT Core
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • IBM Watson IoT

This provides a simple zero IT administration mechanism to stream your data to where you need it.

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