The role MAC Pulse Valves had in helping ensure up to 40% energy savings is reported in this article in Compressed Air Best Practices (

Many initiatives were tested in this extensive pilot, as Imerys commit to their SustainAgility program developed in 2018, and exploring efficiencies in the pulsing of compressed air was part of this.

“The diaphragm on a traditional valve is generally a rubber-type material and it can basically have microfractures that allow air through, which requires a lot more work since less air is getting through. Instead of having that rubber constantly flexing, a valve with a mechanical spool goes back and forth to allow the transfer of air. You get a cleaner, crisper pulse and less air consumption,” Robin Davis of Imerys Performance Mineral Americas said, noting that one collector with the newer valve technology has proven its ability to lower compressed air use by as much as 40% while maintaining bag life.

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Imerys’ Robin Davis installs a technically advanced pulse valve that has proven to improve dust collector performance and reduce compressed air consumption.  Photo and caption:

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