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Industry 4.0, smart factory, intelligent manufacturing; these all represent the paradigm shift that manufacturing is facing today.  By the same token, it is widely recognised that there is a need for a more flexible and safer production environment and continuing product improvement through process automation.  With inherent cost efficiencies, PSI and partners Hanwha present the collaborative robot or ‘cobot’.

The shift to small-batch production and the paramount need always, to protect the human workforce exposed to pollution and dangerous machinery, paves the way for a simple, responsive, easy to control robot.  The collaborative robot or ‘cobot’ is so named because of how easily it integrates into a production process while being able to detect proximity to its fellow human beings; stopping short of any potential contact.

Cobot applications

Pick and place, palletising, screwing or assembly, packaging, polishing and dispensing – typical tasks that the Hanwha collaborative robot can undertake with ease – freeing up human operators from dull, repetitive and dangerous jobs and allowing those employees to focus on higher value-added tasks or switch to a safer environment.

If you’re automating your production process, there is nothing as easy and efficient as the cobot, which has a range of automation peripherals to flexibly move between production line tasks.  The cobot is so safe that it can be installed right next to an operator, as it stops as soon as it detects a potential collision.  One day of training is enough to be a robot operator.



Automotive parts manufacturing, assembly and inspection are all tasks that cobots can assist with in the automotive manufacturing process, enhancing both quality and productivity.

Welding and Cutting

Cobots keep human operators safe by taking on the most exposed and dangerous tasks, while improving precision and quality.  Read our welding case study.


The assembly of consumer electronics and the transfer and loading of electronics components and PCB’s are where a high precision cobot can assist your employees in boosting productivity.


While plastics remain in our lives, from mobile phones, to auto parts to food packaging, the cobot will be a highly efficient option in the fast product changeover world of plastics as it’s so easily re-deployable.

Food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical

Where industries like food & beverage are characterised by small batches of diverse products with fast change-overs, the cobot is in its element packaging and loading.  Remain agile in your response to fast product cycles and maximise productivity and efficiency by utilising cobots in your production line.

Research and general services

Cobots help researchers focus on high value added work by taking on the dull, repetitive tasks; all of which are essential to obtaining reliable data.

PSI used the Hanwha cobot to great effect when developing a testing (of samples) application for NHS’s outdoor drive through testing centres.  Using the same concept, we went on to envisage the cobot handling fast food drive through orders and payments.  We show prototypes and the Hanwha cobot range on our cobot video channel.