Annual Maintenance Service

With annual machine maintenance on the horizon for stretch moulding and injection moulding companies, PSI Technologies offer an array of services from the supply  of MAC and PHD components and drop-in OEM replacements to a repair service, where parts in need of attention can be boxed up and despatched to PSI for repair or refurbishment where possible, or replacement if needed.

Check your maintenance assessment list against our range or use our professional advisory service:

Stretch Blow Moulding:

  • Stretching cylinders and blow nozzle cylinders, high pressure pilots, eject slides, preform stop and all the associated Mac Valves.
  • Transfer arms and heads as well as main exhaust silencers and shock absorbers for stretching and mould close applications.

Injection Moulding

Replacement valves for valve gate, air assist, vacuum and blow transfer/take out, part eject.

We currently have Drop-in replacement solutions that are fully field maintainable for the following machinery.  Click the links to view a short form brochure.

* Sidel® * Krones® * SIG® * Nissei® Husky® Netstal®* Bekum® * AOKI® * Graham® *Unilov® *Sopla ® *Jomar®

Short form brochures

Sidel Plastics Solutions

Krones Contiform Solutions

Netstal PET Preform Solutions

Husky PET Preform Solutions