MAC Valves is publishing a new Technology Spotlight Series through their social media channels #TechnologySpotlight, which we’ll be sharing and also collating here for our UK based customers.  The technology spotlight is designed to highlight the innovations MAC has to offer, clearly demonstrating those differentiators that set MAC apart from its competition.

We’ll add to the Spotlight range here as they’re announced; click on any image to go to the product page:

Kicking off our Technology Spotlight with the MAC Liquid Bullet Valve® This patented, balanced Bullet Valve® design with D-Flex™ technology from MAC


Small 4 way valve

The MAC 44 Series is a direct solenoid operated 4-way – 10mm – poppet valve. A direct operated 4-way of this size with such high flow is unique to MAC


Focus is on the 3-way 36 series; high flow in a small footprint. The design benefits of less solenoid parts for longer life and greater repeatability, without sacrificing the technology, has made the 36 Series a market leader.

The MAC patented Pulse Valve series was developed to replace current diaphragm style technology using MAC spool technology to create a more robust and reliable valve solution in industrial applications. MAC Pulse Valves are ideal to replace existing diaphragm technology in applications such as reverse jet bag houses and dust collectors, pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling


The MAC patented Pulse Valve series