Latest Video – The Bullet Valve® 307 Miniature 3-way – Just 7mm Diameter!

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The Bullet Valve ® 307 Miniature is a 3-way valve and as its name and size (at 7mm diameter) suggests, it’s made for applications where there are space restrictions.  The video takes you through a Response and Frequency Demo, to show one of MAC’s fastest valves in action.  Less friction means reduced wear and long life expectancy; just what you’d expect with a MAC Valve.

Here’s a summary of what’s so good about the Bullet Valve (BV)®Cartridge

  • Light flow 3-way miniature valve
  • Cartridge design for limited space
  • Easy integration
  • Extremely fast shifting times
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Long lifetime
  • Many adjustments available
  • 100’s of options available!

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