New Electric Actuator Catalogue, Product Enhancements and Videos

PHD Plus electro-mechanical actuators are recognised as the industry’s most versatile and dynamic electric actuators, which combine proven fluid power technology with the control and flexibility of electric power.  What is particularly distinctive is that you can use the motors and controls of your choice; we work with you.

And sometimes, all that’s needed is a comprehensive catalogue – one that is easy to use and which answers pretty much any question you may have.  The electric actuator catalogue by PHD does just that – showcasing the complete, up to date range in an intuitive and explanatory way.

What’s new?

  • New -H71 Left Hand Drive Shaft Mount on ESU-RT size 5 units
  • New -QLT1 Inline Plain Shaft for ESU-RT on all sizes providing mechanical coupling of 2 ESU-RT actuators together and driven by one motor

In addition, PHD have developed some shorter video clips containing salient points, so whether you’re just dipping in, or whether you’re seeking specific details in an all you need to know e-catalogue, it’s now easy to browse at your own pace and level of detail.

Download the E-Catalogue here

3 shorts – for longer videos, see our Industrial Automation Playlist >>

For the Heavy Duty Gripping longer version >> 

For the longer version focussing on the belt driven design  >>

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