Pulse Valve Performs in Energy from Waste (EfW) Environments

A water treatment plant

Where there is sewage sludge from waste water treatment plants, there is renewable energy potential due to the largely energy-rich organic make up of this by-product.  Sludge can be treated through the biological process of anaerobic digestion to create energy, while incineration of sludge is also used, so that it can be recycled for agriculture as a nutrient rich fertiliser, or for use in land restoration projects as a bulk soil improver.  It all falls into the category of ‘Energy from Waste’.

Let down by inferior valves in dust collectors

Energy recovery (via the production of ‘biosolids’) from incineration is where the MAC pulse valve came into play for one pioneering water company, as attention was paid to the treatment plant working environment.  This particular site housed three dust collectors reliant on a considerable number of valves.  Dust collectors draw dust and particulates from the air through a filter to capture and separate the matter, and discharge purified air back into the workplace.  Where there is potentially a lot of bad air,  dust collectors can get clogged and their effectiveness is largely dependent on the valves within it, as inferior valves leak and incur high downtime costs.  This situation is generally due to ignorance as to the difference a high performing valve can have, and it was the job of PSI and partners MAC to demonstrate the Return on Investment possible when considering air consumption, leakage, maintenance and other costs.

Proof of Concept

MAC Pulse Valve BV09

An initial trial provided the data to determine an ROI of just over one year, and the water company felt confident to replace their Goyen valves with the MAC Pulse Valve.  The MAC Pulse Valve is a market leader due to its advanced differentiating technology, and the MAC patented Bonded Spool Pulse Valve series was developed to replace weaker diaphragm style technology, creating a more robust and reliable valve solution for industrial applications such as reverse jet bag houses and dust collection.

Water companies like this one are pioneering in their treatment of waste, utilising the latest biological technologies to generate energy.  It is no wonder that they’re considering pioneering workplace technologies to ensure the safe and economic running of their work environments.



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Water treatment plant image courtesy of Pok Rei