Highly Engineered Valve Solutions for the Life Sciences sector

The medical components industry continues to be the top performing sector across the MAC distributorship worldwide, and to provide an idea of the scope of the range, MAC have produced a new downloadable pdf set containing 12 key MAC Solutions for Life Sciences, which are listed below.  However, with 3500 factory certified specialists in over 45 countries focused on optimising customers needs, PSI Technologies have the backing to work on possibilities not yet identified – the technology is there.

  1. The Power of MAC Proportional Flow Control (PFC) – Low leak performance and high precision
  2. The Power of LBV – with D-FLEX Technology for Liquid Dispensing and low leakage applications
  3. LBV Single Diaphragm – O-Ring – no dead space – use when there is consistent pressure
  4. LBV No Diaphragm – Used for spray dampening and micro dosing. Good for passing contamination
  5. The Power of the BV – High precision and compact package – inline bullet valve, plastic bullet valve
  6. New 5/2-Way Bullet Valves – Series 410 – 414 – 421 – flow up to 600 NI/min
  7. Compact High Precision Bullet Valves – two Bullet Valves BV210 with lifting solenoid construction
  8. Compact High Precision Proportional Solutions – Proportional Pressure Controllers – very high precision in a compact package
  9. Small 3-Way Valves – Series 31 – 33 – 34 – flow between 20 NI/min and 120 NI/min
  10. Small 5-Way Valves – Series 41 – 43 – 44 – flow between 22 NI/min and 100 NI/min
  11. Lifting Solenoid Valves – Series 35 – Lifting Solenoid Technology for high repeatability and low noise applications
  12. Bullet Valve Pump – fixed dosing volume, high frequency, fast response

Download Life Science Solutions (4mb)