Release of the new Flexion Gripper

Update: 14th October 2021 – the Flexion Gripper wins a 2021 Design Leap Award; a Bronze Medal was awarded to PHD for the innovative Flexion Gripper design.  See this and other award winners in Design World

The new Flexion Gripper from PHD is inspired by the human hand, with a configurable design that allows for an unparalleled range of application ability.  The Flexion offers the potential to solve a whole new range of challenges in an industrial or collaborative environment, particularly those that previously had no answer, such as variable shaped items, irregular shapes, delicate items, loose filled bags.  Any item intended for human hands is likely to be able to be handled by Flexion.

Human hand gripperThis is all down to finger arrays of one to five fingers that can be mounted on the hub to suit the user’s unique requirements.  The configured system mounts directly onto most robots on the market, as it follows ISO 9409 mounting standards.

Read more in Design World online, where the new product features.

Watch the video on YouTube, subscribe for more information or tell us more about your application on PSI Tech’s Flexion page.

PSI Technologies are PHD’s sole distributors for the UK.