PSI are delighted to be working with a smaller independent welding company on a robotic application, more specifically, a cobot application which doesn’t need a purpose made welding cell.

What was the problem?

The customer works across many industries, welding and producing forgings and assemblies with typical work on agricultural, mining and quarrying tools that need protection from wear. Welding lines of hard tungsten to protect edges and points or even surfaces that are prone to wear, 100’s at a time of often very small components, was unmotivating and physically wearing for human welders.  The existing programmable welding machine was also time consuming to set up. If the welders could be freed up to work on more engaging tasks, then the result would be a much happier workforce.

The solution

The PSI Technologies team project managed the full welding system; taking the Hanwha cobot and completing the requirement for a straight out of the box solution already set up with the software installed. The cobot was preferred over a robot for freedom of positioning and to negate the need to have a welding cell built.

What products are part of the solution?

The Hanwha cobot, Casarini software programmed and installed and a Kolarc Welding set and torch, all engineered into a solution by PSI.  The package was designed as a cost efficient solution to a common problem.

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