carbon footprintOur Flagship Carbon Footprint Reduction Valve from MAC Valves Inc

The MAC Pulse Valve, which was designed to replace the older diaphragm style technology, really is the leading light in valve sustainability and a genuine facilitator of carbon footprint reduction.

Utilising a long life, bonded-spool design (patented), it offers up to a 10 x greater lifecycle, with leak elimination and an overall lower cost of ownership based on unscheduled downtime minimalisation.

With the installations since its inception in 2017, the MAC Pulse Valve is now proving itself as a product that will help reduce your carbon footprint.  With calculations to date, this product has saved 163,533 metric tons of CO2 annually, a track record that we’re proud to have invested in as sole UK MAC distributors, enabling us to help our customers with their carbon footprint concerns or goals.

We have a full range of Pulse Valve videos on You Tube, to include shorts.  We do full ROI calculations and it is rare for any company not to benefit from this unique product.  It is particularly well suited to dusty, or dust prone environments, most often seen in pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling environments such as mining, construction, cement and concrete industries, or in fine particle food processing, like flour mills or cereal manufacture.

For an overview of the Pulse Valve, to include a case study published in Compressed Air Best Practices