The ‘Process to Product Approach’ Explained

Understanding the ‘Process to Product Approach’, inherent in both the MAC brand and its supply chain around the world (of which PSI Technology is part), helps customers attain a level of application optimisation they may not have thought possible, with a payback that often goes beyond the expectations of the customer too.

With 12 videos planned over 12 months, MAC will be telling their story, from philosophy to solutions,  with a problem highlighted each month and a solution explained with a technical product demo.

In the first episode, Davorin Novakovic , Deputy General Manager of MAC Valves Europe, sets the scene with MAC positioned as global manufacturing leaders in pneumatic and fluid valves and proportional control technology, with capability extending across 6 worldwide production plants, employing 1015 skilled engineers and support staff.

PSI Technologies were selected over 20 years ago as sole UK agents, because of a shared philosophy and the capability to take on challenges and create bespoke solutions to improve application performance, particularly in niche applications.

Take a step inside the MAC testing and development process, to understand why MAC are able to deliver and delight customers with their unique solutions.

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