Why PSI are breakthrough innovators

A recent article in Rail Professional magazine got us realising how much PSI have hid their light under a bushel for a great many years.  The reason given of course, is that we’re too busy on the project finding the optimal solution – for each one is unique in its own way, requiring full dedication of brain power and manual skill.

After 20 years of implementing exceptional Electro-Pneumatics Engineering solutions, innovating hand in hand with our key partner MAC Valves Inc, we’ve continued to evolve and grow.  We’ve been able to maintain and synchronise our original values and ethos to grow our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) division, and to capitalise on our deep domain knowledge of the rail industry, to form a niche which we’ve branded Transportise.  Here, the focal point is rail, where we not only remain true to our electro pneumatics foundation, but make greater leaps with IIoT, with ground breaking innovation.

Take a look at the February article from Rail Professional_UK_2024-01-29 for this explains a little about our roots, early beginnings, ethos, what makes us different and then snippets from a variety of challenges that we’ve undertaken, with Rail, over the years.  Imagine this sort of activity across all manufacturing and primary industry, and you’ll get a good idea of what PSI Technologies are about.