While this particular innovative assembly is for the Aluminium industry, it nevertheless highlights the fundamental premise behind PSI Technologies, our key partner MAC Valves and the global MAC Distributor Network (MDN) as a whole; that solutions are developed to greatly improve a situation.

In this instance, the solution looks set to produce energy saving results and what will become a drop-in replacement for a crust breaker, a machine particular to the aluminium industry.  Several pneumatic functions have been integrated including a remote operated valve (with additional pneumatic override; the ISO3 can be activated from two different remote signals), and a cartridge that feeds air to maintain the cylinder in the upper position only when required, helping reduce the overall air consumption.  It is now ready to be tested in the field.

As part of the MDN network, we don’t just replace parts, which can be a false economy, we genuinely add value to a company’s assets by increasing efficiency, saving energy and prolonging their life.  If there’s a better way of doing things, then we’ll come up with a robust solution, either as part of the MDN team or independently – every partner in the MDN works with that philosophy.







PSI Technologies have built on their own internal skill base, extending from engineering excellence, to control system programming and electronics, to electrics, fibre optics and cabling.  We’re not one dimensional and often its hard to define but one thing is clear, it produces a strong multi faceted team that is highly creative and good at problem solving, so ideas are put into practice, and tested until they’re failsafe.