Custom Solutions – Carpet Tufting

The carpet and rug manufacturing industry looks set to rise across Europe, including the UK.  And with tufted carpets accounting for approximately 50% of the market (Grand View Research), the custom design drop in cylinder by our partners PHD is perfectly timed.

Following collaboration with a carpet tufting customer to gain insight into their pain points, PHD designed a custom miniature single-acting, spring-return cylinder that increased the operating speed of the machine. Additionally, PHD’s robust design was better able to handle the side load in the application, leading to longer cylinder life.

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cylinder carpet tufting

This is one of many examples of PHD’s custom work.  Part of the same group, our key supplier MAC Valves has valves designed for the carpet industry, producing high flow with fast and repeatable actuation times.  Find out more about the Bullet Valve® , which is perfect for this application.