There’s many an image of aisle cranes gliding up and down automated facility aisles collecting and delivering goods to and from all levels of shelving and PSI have been involved in one such project; delivering a safety buffer solution.

What was the problem?

There comes a point when the crane needs to stop, which it is programmed to do. Yet, if something fails, an emergency stop is needed to bring both the crane and its cargo to a safe stop. An aisle buffer does exactly this, by absorbing the kinetic energy of the crane and the drive force within a predetermined G force. The Max G-force seen by the crane is critical in order to prevent loads carried toppling or being projectiled.

The solution

The PSI engineering team supplied the HDN series of buffers with unique orifice pattern and stroke lengths to achieve the required deceleration. We completed the solution with mounting brackets and the necessary bolts and anchors to fix in place on the concrete plinth provided.

What products are part of the solution?

ITT Enidine HDN series 

Or read more about our distributorship with Enidine